Drader Manufacturing has added Personal Protective Equipment to our diverse manufacturing product lines. See our new PPE products.

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The design of every specialty product begins with asking the right questions and understanding the industries we serve. Customers who rely on our specialty products count on consistency, quick lead times, and a quality product. Our specialty product line includes Fiodrains, Fiovalves, Matrix Hog Floors and Bag Pal Plastic Pallets.

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One part. Multi-faceted use.

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A sewer back-up valve trusted and approved by the Plumbing industry.

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Pole Door Covers

Looking for a durable, colour-matched plastic alternative for pole door covers at a fraction of the cost of the metal replacement? Drader has what you need.

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Matrix Hog Floors

What does the best return on investment look like for your barn floors? Drader has what you need.

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BagPal Plastic Pallets

Transport more for less with BagPaliT.

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