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Ear Guard

 We believe that every person should have access to face mask ear guards because no one should feel pain from wearing masks. Our ear guards are longer than most others on the market so that they fit more styles of face masks. They can be cut down to the size that you need, providing the maximum amount of comfort.


  • Adjustable fit for various head sizes, compatible with any ear loop mask 
  • Soft, flexible, and durable to protect your ears from discomfort and irritation when wearing a face mask.
  • Perfect for anyone who wears a mask for long periods of time and does not like the discomfort of the straps on their ears.
  • Thin material will not interfere with face shield or goggle use
  • Completely reusable and recyclable
  • Safe to disinfect
  • Injection Molded
  • Made of Polyethylene
  • Available in black, red, and white


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