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Our Milk Crate Products have been a staple in many organizations in an array of industries for more than 25 years, including the Grocery, Warehousing, and Material Handling industries. Our milk crates even made Drader a Canada Post choice supplier!

Drader milk crates are made from high-density polyethylene and designed for increased strength and durability for all types of industries. Our 16-quart milk crate, 20-quart milk crates, and 24-quart milk crates are all compatible with other crates of the same size and can be customized. Custom options include a variety of colours, single-colour or multi-colour hot stamping, or molded-in logo.

Our newest milk crate line is designed with dividers, perfect for glass bottles.

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Milk Crate 16 qt

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Milk Crate 20 qt

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Milk Crate 24 qt

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Milk Crate 12 qt

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