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Bakery Baskets

Whether it’s bread, bagels, cakes or cookies, Drader Bakery Baskets are an economical choice for getting your baked goods to their destination.

Drader Bakery Baskets are highly durable, made from high-density polyethylene. Drader Bakery Baskets are compatible with other baskets on the market with cross-nest capability, comfort grip handles and many colours available. Various bread, bun and pillow pack heights are available, with regular, or low merchandiser side. All Bakery Basket products meet GP-Series specifications.

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GP-Series Specifications

Basket Specifications (Imperial)*

Model #Outside DimensionsInside Dimensions
GP21026"21 3/4"3 1/4"24 7/8"20 3/4"2 1/2"
GP21126"21 3/4"3 1/2"24 7/8"20 3/4"2 3/4"
GP21226"21 3/4"4 3/4"24 7/8"20 3/4"3 7/8"
GP21326"21 3/4"6"24 7/8"20 3/4"5 1/4"
GP22226 5/8"22 1/4"5"25 5/8"21 1/4"4 1/5"
GP22326 5/8"22 1/4"6"25 5/8"21 1/4"5 1/4"
GP262326 5/8"23 1/4"5 5/16"25 5/8"22 3/8"5"

Basket Specifications (Metric)*

Model #Outside DimensionsInside Dimensions
GP21066.04 cm55.25 cm8.25 cm63.20 cm52.71 cm6.35 cm
GP21166.04 cm55.25 cm8.89 cm63.20 cm52.71 cm6.99 cm
GP21266.04 cm55.25 cm12.07 cm63.20 cm52.71 cm9.84 cm
GP21366.04 cm55.25 cm15.24 cm63.20 cm52.71 cm13.34 cm
GP22267.67 cm56.51 cm12.70 cm65.02 cm53.95 cm10.64 cm
GP22367.67 cm56.51 cm15.24 cm65.02 cm53.95 cm13.34 cm
GP262367.67 cm59.06 cm13.49 cm65.02 cm56.83 cm12.70 cm

*Note: Approximate dimensions