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Our bakery logistics products are our longest standing product lines. Drader has more than 60 years of experience in the bakery industry. Our excellent service is matched with a keen understanding of distribution and logistics.

Drader is the only producer of the Drader Carrier, a sturdy bakery delivery tray that stacks 3-to-1 and is attractive for a retail environment. Drader Bakery Logistics is your one-stop shop for Bakery Carriers, Bakery Baskets, Bakery Dollies and Bakery Hand Trucks.

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Bread Trays / Bakery Trays

For more than 60 years, bakeries have counted on Drader Bakery logistics to satisfy their retail bakery needs in small, medium or large bakery operations across Canada and, now, into the United States.

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Bakery Baskets

Satisfying retail bakery needs with custom-made bakery logistics.

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Dollies & Hand Trucks

Baked goods transportation and organization made simple.

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Gravity Feed Display

The perfect complement to our Bakery Carrier.

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Customization Options

Customization options that range from branding your plastic product to changing its ergonomics.

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