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Catering & Food Service

Our quality designed and manufactured plastics are consistent, in stock or quick to order, and can be made from an array of durable plastics for long-life. Our services for the Catering and Food Service industries include Injection Molding, Part Design and Engineering, Recycling, and Personal Protective Equipment.

When looking for an attractive and easy way to transport food, look no further than the Drader Carrier. It is perfect for picking up orders, making deliveries, catering small and large events, and even freezing/refrigerating food.

The Carrier’s handles fold down giving it a stacking ratio of 3 to 1. This means it won’t take up a lot of your much-needed space like other means of food storage and transportation. Dollies are available for every Carrier and basket size so you can easily move your trays around without disturbing the contents.

We also manufacture plastic trays for efficient food handling and transport. Choose from a variety of milk crate sizes and colours for storage and transportation, plastic trays and food service trays, or design your own with the Drader engineering team.

Not finding what you’re looking for? We do custom plastic products for the Catering & Food Service industry.

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